6   Examples for scope of testing

The following table shows for some particular fields of application what tests are required:
Intended purpose of materialAutogenous ignition temperatureGaseous oxygen impactAging resistanceLiquid oxygenFlange
Lubricant+1+ +2 
Flange Gasket+1 +1+2+
Thread Sealent
– Tape, Cord+1++1+2 
– Liquid, Paste+1+ +2 
Seat Seal+1++1+2 
Piston Ring++++2 
Filling Liquids
– for Vacuum Pumps+    
– for Measuring Instruments++   
1) for use temperatures greater than 60 °C
2) only if required
The maximum use conditions of a material regarding pressure and temperature are the result of the overall assessment that takes into account the results of all separate tests.